What is Electronic Music

Electronic music is a specific type of music genre that involves the use of technological instruments in sound production. Some of these instruments include digital, circuitry based and electronic instruments as well. More so, electronic music is also mostly produced through the use of electronic instruments with special characteristics. In most cases, the instruments do not comprise hammers, vibrating strings or any other sound producing features. Machines such as the synthesizer, computer and Theremin can be used in the production of electronic sounds. Perhaps the first notable occurrence of electronic music tools was at the end of the 19th century.


The music increased in popularity in the 1920’s and 1930’s, where the first popular compositions of electronic music were developed. Over the years, the music spread widely in almost every corner of the globe, with countries such as Japan, France and Egypt embracing the electronic music culture. With the advent of computing technology, electronic music production was taken to the next level.




In the 1960`s, various types of musicians including the Beatles started using an electronic instrument in sound production. In fact, many music critics have mentioned that the 1960`s signaled the advent of a new era in the realms of the music production world.


Tools used in electronic music production


While this type of music often involves the use of various types of electronic instruments, the following are some of the major instruments that you may come across. They include:

Keyboard synthesizes – the first synthesizers were developed in the seventies by a company referred to as `Moog Music`. Big musicians such as Patrick Gleeson, are believed to encourage the use of the synthesizers by using them for live performances.


Digital synthesizers – Another important aspect of electronic music production involves the use of Digital Synthesizers. These machines were first noticed when Yamaha engineers started copying the ideas of John Chowning. That said, it was not up until in the late seventies when the first digital synthesizers were released, by the Australian Fairlight Company. The device was referred to as the Fairlight CMI, and it was officially released in 1979.


Birth of MIDI


In 1980, a group of musicians and music retailers developed a new form of technology that could control the production of music through the use of computers. This technology was later on famously referred to as the Musical Interface Digital Interface MIDI. MIDI technology allows the implementation of a control wheel motion, keystroke, pedal movement and command through the use of microcomputers. The advent of this type of technology played an important role in revolutionizing the use of powerful and sophisticated instruments in music production.


Wrapping it up


In summary, electronic music is perhaps one of the most popular forms of music today. It is a part of the contemporary music society, and various technologies are used in the production of electronic music. Various big names such as the Beatles have also used electronic music in production procedures. With the increased improvements in technology, much has to be said about the future of electronic music production. If you love this type of music, it can also be part of headache cures without medicine.